Historical Gold Price Calculator

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Historical Gold Price Calculator
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What are the historical gold prices?

They are the prices of different types of gold such as 24 carat gram and ounce.

How is the historical gold price calculated?

First of all, the rates that are closest to the relevant date are determined by querying from our archive for the type you choose. When you want to convert to money, the purchase and sale price obtained as a result of the query and the amount of gold entered by multiplying the calculation process is completed. When you want to translate from money, the amount you enter is calculated separately by buying and selling rates obtained as a result of the inquiry separately.

What types of precious metals can I get prices by dates with the calculation tool?

You can inquire and calculate the prices of silver, platinum and palladium metals from 1980 to the present day as well as grams, ounces, republic gold and bracelets in all settings, especially 24 carats.